Bunny was found walking along a dirt road in rural Texas by a kind soul who picked her up and brought her to us. How she survived as a blind cat is anyone's guess. The vet determined she was blinded intentionally. It breaks our heart that someone could do this to an innocent creature, but the blindness has never broken her spirit.

We have several cats with funny personalities and Bunny is one of them. She is a happy little girl who has no problem letting you know when you are late with dinner or that you need to sit down because she wants her lap time.

Blind cats can almost anything a sighted cat can, and Bunny is no exception. She can climb to the top of a cat condo and back down by herself in record time. Bunny loves toys! She likes to grab noisy toys and fling them in the air and then chase after them. She is a very happy little cat who is always up for fun and adventure, and yes, lots of attention.


  Watch a video of Bunny.


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